This is my setup for painting my “snack size” paintings. It’s a basic Levenger reading/writing desk with a slight incline. I’ve got my reference materials arranged above so that I can glance up whenever I need to. It’s pretty cool all of the gummy shapes that Haribo makes. The white board is a piece of half inch gator board which I can tape or even staple, but mostly tape, my pieces of paper. I use a plastic palette and water tub with a set of Jack Richeson travel brushes too.

It’s so tempting to just reach out and grab a few to eat. Arranging the alphabet was incredibly difficult to NOT eat the whole bag! I’m glad that I’ve basically given up sugar and sweets as part of my diet. I had to give them up so that I could be healthy enough to paint and create the things I want to. Thankfully things are going well in that regard and I hope to create more and more things. 🙂

This weeks goal is to paint a large, 36″x48″ Red Haribo Gummy Bear. I’ve got it planned out, hopefully I can get it close to the way I’m envisions. Once it’s done I’ll be painting a large Gummy Owl Bear and a large gummy chainsaw. Exciting stuff!

Still working on the store. The ball is in my court. Hopefully will go live soon.