So, I’ve been streaming via Twitch lately. The whole process feels very organic and I’m really having fun with it. YESTERDAY, I realized that the monsters I’ve been making can fairly easily be converted to a token format for use in your Virtual Table Top games. These are my doodle roughs, which is why they’re free, but they should still look pretty good in your games. I’ve set them up at as a pixel depth of 288×288 and they’re .png files. Enjoy!

There isn’t much of a story for each of these mainly because I’m improvising them on the fly (doodling), so feel free to create your own. Captain Drak I think could be a good skeletal leader with some fire damage added to a skeleton’s basic attack. Garzum! is an Ogre Mage, with a name. Tromagaunt is a big ugly and at the pixel depth of 288×288 should be large enough to fill a 4 inch square at screen resolution. If it isn’t, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. Sskreth is from the Land of Arcanis by Paradigm Concepts, they’ve got a great living campaign that’s well worth checking out. Finally the Blood Crow Shaman, what they heck is this guy?

I’m going to be continuing to create monsters on Twitch and refining my token making process. The roughs/doodles will be free, but eventually I think I’ll be adding them to my Gumroad store as well as figuring out how to add them to the various VTT stores like Fantasy Grounds and Roll20.

Thanks for reading and watching! More tokens to come